You should leave your tan to develop for 6 – 8 hours. The longer you can leave your tan the dark it will develop.

Light – medium: a really natural glow

Medium – dark: sun kissed holiday tan 

Ultra dark:  Ultra glam dark bronzed tan

Yes you can! Layering can be done on the same day just make sure your tan is touch dry before applying a second layer.

Dawsylicious Ultra Dark Self Tanning Foam will give you the darkest results.

We have a light,  medium – dark self tan and an ultra dark self tanning mousse.

We recommend applying any Self Tanning Mousse with our Luxury Tanning Mitt in circular motion for a streak free tan.

Anything light! Oil free is ideal but if not oil free just a light moisturiser. Nothing too heavy, stay away from oil, heavy butters…

You should see only a small amount of colour wash off

No all of the Dawsylicious range is 100% cruelty free

Of course it can be use it while being preggo! 100% pregnancy safe. 

We always recommend doing a patch test 24 hours to applying any Dawsylicious products.

Yes all of our products have a bespoke gorgeous Dawsylicious scent

It will last 6 – 9 days depending on your skin type & how you maintain your tan. Keep lightly moisturised daily for longer lasting results,

You will get approximately 8-10 full body applications from one bottle of our self tanning mousse.