Medium-Dark Tanning Foam

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Achieve the bronze glow you’ve been dreaming of with our Medium-Dark self tanning foam. This lightweight tanning foam will leave your skin beautifully bronzed like you’ve just returned from a 2 week vacay.

Formulated with a bronze guide colour that’s suited to all skin tones and enriched with moisture for a long lasting tan that leaves your skin healthy and hydrated. Blurring properties work to create a full coverage tan with an airbrush finish for flawless skin. Take your tan to the next level by layering up for deeper results!

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg


Using A Tanning Mitt Apply A Generous Amount Of Foam To The Mitt & Apply In Circular Motions Take Extra Care Around Hands, Feet, Wrists & Knuckles, Buff These Areas Thoroughly After Application With The Excess Tan On The Mitt. Leave to develop for 6-8 hours.



22 reviews for Medium-Dark Tanning Foam

  1. Debbie Mcshane

    The best tan beautiful colour and smells amazing! ?

  2. Elizabeth Brisley

    Smells amazing! Goes on so well and great colour x

  3. Netty

    Smells chuffin lovely, easy to use, no streaks,and gives you an amazing even tan………..I love it xx

  4. Netty

    Smells chuffin lovely,easy to use,no streaks and gives you a nice even tan…………I love it xx

  5. Zoe.

    Smells great , easy to apply and a lovely streak free product will be buying again. ?.

  6. Cathy

    Best tan I’ve ever used by far and I’ve tried lots in my 60 years! This one goes on like a dream and develops very evenly. Best thing is that it doesn’t smell horrible, on the contrary it smells nice! The velvet Mitt is so nice to apply it with, I’ve just ordered my daughter some to take advantage of the chuffin free Mitt lol!

  7. Jenni

    Omg the smell is just gorgeous. Ive tried soooooo many tans and nothing smells like this. The tan stays on lovely and lasts. Will definitely be using this tan from now on xxx

  8. Jenni B

    BEST SMELLING TAN EVER!!!! I’ve just applied your medium to dark tan for the first time and omg the smell is like nothing ive ever smelt in a tan. It literally reminds me of clean washing. That alone is enough to make me buy another

  9. Sophie M

    Hiya gorgeous, I just wanted to say WOW your tan is absolutely amazing. I do my tan every week and usually when I do it it goes patchy and I look like an unperlumpa ? but I’ve just used your tan and omg it is the best thing ever!!!! It’s so glowy and goes on so smooth and nice brown shade? Your tan is unreal ❤️

  10. Stacey

    Smells unbelievable, beautiful colour too! ?

  11. Shelley

    It’s hard to get an even tan from home…I have only tanned my legs so far but I am impressed. No dark patches on my knees, round my ankles or toes! I did make sure I moisturised those areas before and a little after applying. Looks very natural. Would recommend and will be sure to buy again when this runs out but it’s a pretty large bottle. Thank you Charlotte x

  12. Shannon Jude

    AMAZING! I think it’s fair to say I have probably tried every tan going but this is just not like the rest!
    Smells BEAUT, drys quickly and is a lovely medium/ dark tone when washed off the next morning. Exactly what it says on the bottle!

    I will never use another tanning brand now!

  13. Jodi King

    Love love love this tan… I have tried a lot of self tans and this is undoubtedly the best. It smells amazing, so easy to apply and the colour is great .

  14. Chanice Long

    So easy to put on! And it’s not patchy at all.
    It’s fading so nicely too.
    The colour is amazing!x

  15. Chanice Long

    It goes on so smoothly and fades away beautifully.
    The colour is perfect too.

  16. Angela Tomlinson

    Lovely tan for an older lady, easy to apply and looks sooo natural. Mine has not worn off yet and it is day 4 so hopefully will last all week. I have tried all the rest and so far you are the best. Love from Ange Lytham xxxxx

  17. Nicole

    As a newcomer to self tan I was nervous to try this but I was not disappointed – smells delicious, no streaking or patches and the colour fades away naturally – would highly recommend xx

  18. Jodie sims

    Ive just ordered mine and I can’t wait to try it. I’m no good at all doing my own tan so fingers crossed it works OK as good as everyone else is saying xx

  19. Samantha burniston

    I have never ever known a tan to smell like youve just sprayed perfume! Currently sat getting browner and browner whilst texting all my girls to tell them how amazing this tan is!!!

  20. Cara

    The most amazing tan I have ever used!! Have used many big name brands over the years but this is by far the best, bought a few months ago to try and have used it non-stop since, have recommended it to everyone who compliments the lovely colour and blown away with how good it smells. Definitely my go to now!!!

  21. Karen

    Erm what is this smell and why is not in a perfume bottle please? Game changer. Take my money 💰

  22. Soph

    I got the Medium-Dark Tan and I am sooo impressed. I have tried a lot of tans over the years and this is definitely one of my FAVES by far. I will 100000% be purchasing again. 10/10 from me doll💋

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