Medium Mousse & Remover Gift Set

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Our must-have products for the ultimate tanning experience. Get the glow with our Dawsylicious Medium-Dark tanning foam, creating a deep bronze tan. Once you’re ready to refresh, use our 3-minute self tan remover for easy luxury tan removal!

Medium-Dark Tanning Foam

Achieve the bronze glow you’ve been dreaming of with our Medium-Dark self tanning foam. This lightweight tanning foam will leave your skin beautifully bronzed like you’ve just returned from a 2 week vacay.

Formulated with a bronze guide colour that’s suited to all skin tones and enriched with moisture for a long lasting tan that leaves your skin healthy and hydrated. Blurring properties work to create a full coverage tan with an airbrush finish for flawless skin. Take your tan to the next level by layering up for deeper results!

Dawsylicious 3 Minute Express Self Tan Remover

Let us introduce you to our express 3-minute self tan remover. Say goodbye to harsh scrubbing with this deluxe gold shimmering formula, infused with our signature Dawsylicious scent.

Smother your skin in our skin softening formula as it dissolves your old self tan and rejuvenates your skin in just 3 short minutes before gently buffing away your old tan. Reveal super soft, rejuvenated skin  that’s prepped ready for your next tan application.


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