Beginners Guide To Tanning

Beginners Guide To Tanning

New to the world of self-tanning? Look no further; we have put together our top 10 tanning tips to help you master the art of self-tanning.


Before you apply your first layer of self-tan, it is essential to remove any remnants of your previous tan for a flawless result. Our Dawsylicious 3-Minute Express Self Tan Remover is the ideal solution for swift and effortless tan removal. By removing your previous tan, you can guarantee a clean canvas for your new tanning session, leaving your skin soft, hydrated, and primed for a seamless application.


Exfoliation is a key step in achieving an even and smooth tan. Exfoliating before tanning helps to soften dry areas like elbows, ankles, and knees, creating a fresh and well-hydrated foundation for your tanning application.


Prior to applying your tan, it is essential to ensure that you have shaved and eliminated any unwanted body hair at least 24 hours in advance. This timing helps prevent the tan from seeping into the open pores resulting from shaving, which can lead to the appearance of small dark spots on your legs and an uneven finish. To seal the pores, a refreshing splash of cold water on the legs is recommended.


Dry areas such as the knees, elbows, and ankles tend to absorb more tan, resulting in dark patches. To combat this, it is essential to moisturise your skin before tanning. Our Dawsylicious Skin Illuminating Moisture is the perfect product to hydrate these areas. Its oil-free, lightweight formula replenishes and repairs your skin without interfering with the tan application.


Another key part of achieving the perfect tan is choosing the right shade of self-tan that complements your desired tan shade. Here at Dawsylicious, we have a range of tans to suit everyone:

  • Light Medium: Perfect for beginner self-tanners, perfect for a light sunkissed glow.
  • Medium Dark: develops into a beautiful, bronzed colour, replicating a holiday tan.
  • Ultra-Dark: A dark bronzed colour, perfect for achieving the darkest tan possible.


If you are new to Dawsylicious products, we highly recommend conducting a patch test 48 hours before applying our tan. When it comes to application, a good-quality tanning mitt is essential for achieving a smooth, streak-free tan. Our Luxury Tanning Mitt has been crafted with extra-soft luxury velvet and a thick lining to prevent any product from seeping through.  Pump your mousse of choice onto the mitt and apply it in circular motions into the skin, starting from the legs and working your way upwards. Leave the knees, hands, feet, and ankles till last, then go in with any excess tan on the mitt and buff it into these areas for a more natural look.

For tanning your face, opt for our Dawsylicious Bronze Face Tanning Drops. Simply add your desired number of drops to your daily moisturiser and allow the tan to develop. The more drops you add, the deeper your tan will become.


For those seeking a deeper tan, layering is the ideal technique. Allow your initial layer to completely dry before applying an additional layer directly on top for enhanced results.


After applying your tan, allow it to develop for 6–8 hours, or overnight if preferred. During this time, avoid applying any perfume or oily products to prevent any discoloration or unevenness.


Once your tan has developed, it is time to rinse off the guide colour. To avoid fading, use cooler water and avoid shower gels or any other shower products during this process. Rinse until the water runs clear, and then gently pat your skin dry.


To make the most of your self-tan and ensure an even fade, moisturise daily with our Dawsylicious Skin Illuminating Moisture. Its oil-free formula won’t disrupt your tan and helps promote an even fade, as well as adding a golden shimmering glow to the skin.

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