Where Can I Find The Ingredients In Your Products? 

A full list of ingredients can be found on its product page. 

Are Dawsylicious Products Vegan And Cruelty Free? 

Yes, all of our Dawsylicious range is vegan and cruelty free. 

Are Dawsylicious Products Safe To Use During Pregnancy? 

Yes, all our products are safe to use during pregnancy. However we do recommend avoiding the breast area is you are breast-feeding. We also suggest performing a patch test to ensure you do not have a reaction due to an increase in hormones. If you are worried about tanning whilst pregnant, we strongly advise consulting with your doctor.

Which Payment Methods Are Accepted? 

Dawsylicious accepts payment via credit cards, Debit Cards, Apple Pay and PayPal. Clearly, Klarna and Laybuy are available on all orders. 

Can I Recycle My Bottle Of Tan? 

Yes, 80% of the tanning bottles can be recycled. Rinse the bottle, excluding the pump, and put it in your appropriate recycle bin. 

What Is The Shelf Life Of Dawsylicious Products?

Our products have a six month shelf life after opening. 


How Long Does Dawsylicious Tan Take To Develop

You should leave your tan to develop for 6 -8 hours or overnight is preferred. The longer you leave your tan the darker it will develop. 

I Am Unsure On Which Shade To Use.

Light-Medium: A natural sun kissed glow.

Medium-Dark: Replicates a holiday tan. 

Ultra-Dark: Ultra glam, dark bronzed tan. 

Can I Layer My Tan?

Yes you can! Layering can be done on the same day. Ensure your tan is dry to the touch before applying a second layer. 

Which Product Will Give Me The Darkest Tan? 

Dawsylicious Ultra Dark Self Tanning Foam will give you the darkest results. 

How Do I Apply Self Tanning Mousse?

We recommend applying our self tanning mousses with our Luxury Tanning Mitt in circular motions for a streak free tan. 

What Moisturiser Should I Use To Extend My Self Tan life?

Anything light and oil free. Our Dawsylicious Skin Illuminating Moisture is the perfect lightweight moisturiser encouraging 48 hour skin hydration and a long lasting self tan life. 

How Many Applications Will I Get From One Bottle Of Tan?

You will get approximately 8 - 10 full body applications from one bottle of our self tanning mousse.

How Long Should I Expect My Tan To Last?

When paired with Dawsylicious Illuminating Skin Moisture, your tan is expected to last for 7 - 10 days. The essential factor in extending the longevity of your tan is hydrated skin. 

Can I Use Tan On My Face?

Yes, Our Dawsylicious Bronze Face Tanning Drops are perfect from tanning the face. This clear formula works in conjunction with your daily moisturiser and develops into a bronzed glow, without blocking any pores and reducing the chance of blackheads. 

Can I Swim After Applying Dawsylicious Tan?

For maximum self tan results, we advise waiting at least 8 hours for your tan to fully develop before engaging in swimming activities. It is important to note that exposure to sea water and chlorine in pools may lead to a faster fading of your tan. 

Does Dawsylicious Tan Protect Me From UV Exposure?

Dawsylicous products do not contain SPF or sun filters. It is essential to ensure you apply an efficient amount of effective SPF protection when your skin is exposed to the sun.

Can I Workout After Applying Tan?

We highly recommend waiting for your tan to fully develop before engaging in your workout to achieve the best possible tanning results. Once your tan has had 6 - 8 hours to develop, you can rinse it off and proceed with your workout. 


How Can I Remove My Fake Tan?

You can remove your old tan with Dawsylicious 3 Minute Express Tan Remover to make your tan disappear as easy as it was applied. 

Does Your Self Tan Remover Work On Any Brand Of Self Tan?

Yes, our self tan remover works on any brand of self tan. 

Will Using A Self Tan Remover Damage My Skin?

No, our Dawsylicious Self Tan Remover is rich in rejuvenating qualities, ensuring your skin is cleansed and reprised ready for your next tanning application. 

How Do You Use Your Self Tan Remover

All how to’s can be found on each product page.